We Make The Complex Simple


Effective E-Learning is the creation of Dr. Bill Hettinger – the E-Learning Guru – based on his research and more than a decade of developing e-Learning courses to educate graduate students, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.

Effective E-Learning doesn’t just happen.

The same techniques that are required to make a face-to-face class work – effective course design and the active engagement of the learner in the learning process – are necessary to make an online class work.

Watch: Dr. Bill Discuss Creating Online Classes That Work!

Instructional Design (0:55); Advice to Teachers (5:59); Time Management (10:30)

The best instructors don’t invent content. They take the best content from the best people in the world and they synthesize it. They bring it together in the best way for their audience, to educate them, to provide solutions to their problems.

That’s what Effective E-Learning is all about – Taking the best material in the world – synthesizing it – and creating engaging, hands-on educational experiences focused on improving outcomes and transforming learners.

Let Effective E-Learning transform your online learning experience.

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